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Spraying quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coatings

1.Used for roof, underground waterproof and anticorrosion works. Adopt spraying technology with high efficiency; realize seamless connection without watermoving between layers, it is unique for special-shaped structure or object with complicated shape, and the construction is very simple and convenient;

2.With a strong adaptive capacity for base course, can be used on reinforced concrete, profiled steel sheet, plastics, various masonry materials and other base course materials;

3.The treatment of spraying surface is simple; if there are no special requirements, no leveling course can be done; construction can be conducted directly when the humidity is below 80%.

Self closing resin waterproof coating film
A30 kg/barrel
B18 kg/barrel

Range of application: external wall, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, corridor and around window frame, roof, pitched roof, roof garden, gazebo, park, internal wall and external wall of basement, ground and swimming pool, water channel, pool.

Traceless repairing agent of surface crack of concrete

This repairing agent is suitable for the repair of various surface cracks of concrete and grouting material works at early stage, middle stage and final stage; brick and stone, parget sheet material, cement sheet material and other surface cracks with inorganic texture have a wonderful closed repair.

Penetrating type concrete surface reinforcing agent

1.Various ash rising, sand rising cement ground and strengthening treatment of wall surface;

2.Painting of new concrete and cement ground, so as to prolong service life

3. Painting of new and old concrete ground, wall surface and stand column, in order to increase strength, rebound value can be increased to 10%-15% generally.

High-performance cement-based grouting material

CGM-1 universal type 50kg/barrel

Suitable for foundation grouting of machine base, foundation bolt and other equipments, and for remedying reinforcement, first-air repair and reinforcement.

Suitable for built-in of inverse striking method construction joint of metro, tunnel, underground and other works. Secondary grouting of the fixing and connection between steel structure (steel rail, steel frame, steel column) and foundation.

CGM-1 pisolith strengthen type 50kg/barrel
CGM-3 superfine reinforced type 50kg/barrel
CGM-4 super early strong reinforced type 50kg/barrel

Reinforced product of mortar class

CGM reinforcement anchoring material 25kg/bag

Suitable for foundation grouting of machine base, foundation bolt and other equipments, and for remedying reinforcement, first-air repair and reinforcement.

Polymer reinforced mortar 25kg/bag

For reinforced troweling of concrete structures, used for the reinforcement of stainless steel stranded wire mesh and repair of concrete

High-strength anti-abrasive material 25kg/bag

Suitable for wearing layer in concrete structures for slag flushing ditch, ore tank, hopper.

Polymer high-strength repair mortar 25kg/bag

The repair of damaged component, beam, plate, column, and stairway in concrete structure.

Building structure glue

Embedded steel bar glue



Suitable for rooting anchoring works.

Sticking steel glue



Suitable for bending of reinforced concrete, big eccentric compression and sticking steel sheet reinforced works.

Steel clad grouting glue



Suitable for reinforced works of external sticking steel for reinforced concrete beam, column structure.

Carbon fiber cloth and binder

Domestic carbon fiber cloth 200g(A)

To improve the bearing capacity of structure, reduce the deformation of structure and enhance its security and durability.

Domestic carbon fiber cloth 200g(B)

To improve the bearing capacity of structure, reduce the deformation of structure and enhance its security and durability.

Domestic carbon fiber cloth 300g(B)

To improve the bearing capacity of structure, reduce the deformation of structure and enhance its security and durability.

Dipping glue 7+21kg/group

Used for sticking carbon fiber cloth.

Bottom glue 7+21kg/group

Increase the strength for permeation of concrete structure.

Leveling glue



Used for leveling the surface of concrete structure.

Structural fine crack treatment technology

Grouting resin


Suitable for the grouting seam width is no less than 0.05mm .

Delayed setting seam sealed glue



Used for crack blocking and the sticking and fixing of pedestal.

Automical pressure grouting device

It’s a new type pocket-size tool, which can conduct automatic grouting injection for fine crack of concrete.


Water-emulsified type epoxy class product

TL-302 interface agent


Used for connection between new and old concrete, troweling of smooth base course, treatment of sand rising base course.

Epoxy repairing mortar


Suitable for defect treatment of concrete structure surface, damage repairing of stair step and bottom layer leveling during reinforcing of carbon fiber.

Waterproof leaking stoppage product

EC2000 Polymer mortar(two components)


It can be used as the waterproof layer of bathroom, toilet and basement, and used for troweling of surfaces of polystyrene board, tile and other smooth base courses.

901 rapid leaking stoppage agent


Used for waterproof leaking stoppage and first-aid repair strengthening of various building roof, basement, pool, pipeline, national defense work, tunnel and other works .

Environment protection type mortar class product

EC2000 polymer bonding mortar 25kg/bag

Suitable for sticking polystyrene board or rock wool board of indoor and outdoor wall surface, ceiling and other parts.

EC2000 polymer anti-crack mortar 25kg/bag

Suitable for extrusion of wall surfaces of insulation board(XPS) and polystyrene board(EPS) and that of trowelled finish of heat-insulation system of ceiling .

Tile binder Golden Eagle Powder 25kg/bag

Suitable for sticking tile on indoor, outdoor wall surface and ground, it can also to be used for trowelled finish protective layer of waterproof coiled material.

Marble binder Strong Rubber Power 25kg/bag

Suitable for sticking thin type marble, large stone and granite on indoor, outdoor wall surface and ground.

Color tile crack-sealer 25kg/bag

Suitable for indoor and outdoor tile joint with 1-12mm of filling width.


corrosion inhibitor



Suitable for concrete surface, painting type.

Reinforcement corrosion inhibitor powder 25kg/bag

Suitable for mixing in concrete to use.

Modified epoxy grouting material 1+3+24kg/group

Suitable for slight corrosion environment.

Pure epoxy grouting material


Suitable for severe corrosion environment.